- Sealed unit cold air intake

- Genuine carbon fiber heat shield

- Reverse flow foam filter element

- Noticeable improvement in mid range performance

- Highly polished alloy components combined with deep weave carbon fiber for great under bonnet looks

The technology used in the Pipercross Viper was first seen on the famous Lotus 340R, but soon became available for an ever increasing range of popular road cars. Using 'velocity air force', each Viper air intake directs cold air directly into the engine. The cold air feed takes air from an area of cold, dense air straight into the Viper's inlet, swirling it through a unique Pipercross reverse-flow air filter contained within a carbon fiber heat shield, then into a ram pipe to increase the air pressure before feeding it into the induction system.

The carbon fiber heat shield protects the air charge from under bonnet heat keeping it cool -and therefore more dense -thus introducing more oxygen into the combustion mixture, giving increased power.

The reverse flow technology filter and 150mm ram pipe make use of the physical phenomenon of air tending to move towards surface area's, creating more air flow on the edge rather than in the center of the inlet. The unique design of the filter cone and the inlet 'tune' the moving air flow to increase its speed and therefore its pressure maximizing the laminar air flow into the engine, again resulting in increased power.

Kit includes hoses, breather filter, flexible intake pipe and other necessary parts