Exedy Stage 1 Clutch Kit

Heavy Duty Clutch Kit - STAGE 1

The Heavy Duty (HD suffix) clutch kits are perfectly suited for use in lightly modified vehicles or vehicles carrying loads used for daily driving or in amateur motor sports activities.  A high performance clutch cover with increased clamp load which will transmit an increase in engine torque is included in these kits with an organic clutch disc creating a performance clutch kit with smooth take off drivability.

Features :

 - Higher clamp loads

 - High quality organic asbestos free discs

 - Premium quality original equipment componentry.

 - Advanced damping mechanisms including wide angle dampers and multi rate springs.

 - Assembled from 100% new components.

Benefits :

 - Able to transmit increased torque to drivetrain.

 - Improved durability for longer clutch life

 - Correct fit and function.

 - Organic discs for precise clutch operation together with smooth pedal feel.