Exedy Stage 2 Clutch Kit

Heavy Duty Button Kits - Stage 2

 The Heavy Duty Button (HDB suffix) clutch kits are manufactured to meet the demands of various forms of amateur drift, circuit, rally and drag racing and are assembled from 100% new component parts.  All HDB kits are supplied with high clamp load clutch cover assemblies and ceramic button clutch discs with sprung dampers.

Features :
 - Higher clamp loads

 - Durable long life ceramatallic button friction material that is suited to handle performance applications.

 - Assembled from 100% new components.

Benefits :
 - Able to deliver high level of torque to the drivetrain.

 - Positive clutch grip with precise engagement and response.

 - Advanced damping mechanisms to reduce drivetrain shock.

PLS NOTE : For Fitment on the ZEN 1.0L MPFI the flywheel has to be changed to the Esteem/Swift G13B flywheel.

You can order a Fidanza flywheel from us or use an OEM Maruti Genuine flywheel